Visual Perspectives founded is owned and operated by David Gover of ITM New World MediAntics, Inc.

Visual Perspectives ("VPI") was founded by Zachary Zeiler as a sole proprietorship in 1993 while attending the University of California at Santa Barbara. In 2017, New World MediAmtics, Inc. acquired the brand that Mr. Zeiler created with the commitment to "Humanize the Experience", "Be Fully Transparent" and "Help those in Need." Coming VERY soon is the new consulting and product development (hardware and software) in the medial, aerospace and automotive and branding arena to market.

More to come.

About the Brand:
Visual Perspectives is a full-service agency offering digital, traditional, branding, marketing, consumer loyalty programs and consulting services.

In 1995, Visual Perspectives adopted two pivotal strategic business changes that reshaped how the client-agency relationship work. First, VPI ended all contract retainers with clients. Second, VPI added transparent, real-time billing of services.

Our founder decided that for VPI's long term successful relationship with clients that VPI needed to bill for the services clients used and retainers were the antithesis of that philosophy, so he ended all retainers. Second, he instituted transparent billing services. Transparent billing is based on the skill level involved of the person providing the services (senior level was at one rate and mid-level at a different rate). In addition, all billable time was actual time and not based on 15-minute increments or 1-hour minimals. Actual time and actual skill set required for the project with projected time in the estimates provided to clients before work began. To earn client loyalty, you have to be transparent and we follow that philosophy to this day. Visual Perspectives would often come in under budget and only bill for actual time and that earned the loyalty and trust of our clients throughout the years and we are proud to continue that tradition to this day where we can pass the savings back to our clients.

These bold moves were ahead of the industry and solidify long-term relationships and expand the reputation of the agency attracting amazing clients, talented staff and allowed us to shape the future of the company he founded and we continue to operate today.

To this day, Visual Perspectives (now under new ownership and management) follows Visual Perspective Interactie's unique perspective and his business philosophies while delivering the highest level of quality, value and and affordable solutions to clients of all sizes and in all areas of business.

The Visual Perspective philosophy instilled at VPI is what drives us forward today