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We are driven to build and evolve your brand. You can be a startup or an established brand. IDM Brand Builders will help you grow.

We know you deserve the best for your brand. It is our mission, goals and objectives to ensure sure you always receive the very best from IDM Brand Builders. Everything we do from developing your proposal, your project, training and documentation is 100% custom and tailored to fit your brand's unique requirements.


You work hard to build relationships between you and your customers. At IDM Brand Builders, we work with you to expand those relationships and develop additional ones with new customers. We provide fresh, innovative and essential solutions from our unique perspective that helps your brand grow.


All of our work is performed in-house and we never outsource to third parties. When you hire IDM Brand Builders, you are hiring us.


IDM Brand Builders has offices in California and Nevada. Our team of experts will exceed your expectations without every breaking the bank.
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    You can be a startup or you can be an existing brand looking to expand your reach. Look no further, as you have IDM Brand Builders and we are are here to help you and your brand grow.


    Marketing is one of those fields that evolves and changes with the times. We are very passionate about your brand and what you do.


    Social Media is a part of our lives. At IDM Brand Builders, we are socially responsible and make suggestions and recommendations that are on target for your brand.


    If you want to grow your brand, reach your customers on new levels and see real world results, then you need to speak to IDM Brand Builders, today. Call us at (949) 478-1247.


    At IDM Brand Builders, we do not look at consulting as your typical definition of consulting or consultants.

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    You will not find a group of more passionate, dedicated and driven professionals that you will with IDM Brand Builders.

Our Capabilities

IDM Brand Builders is a full service digital marketing agency with a side of traditional brand marketing services, too! IDM is everything you are need from one award-winning, creative and strategic agency. We take pride in the projects we do for our clients. You can always count on IDM to take on whatever roles you need from us and we will do it a time-tested and proven manner. We believe in the collaborative process of teamwork with common goals being your goals and we bring to the table our expertise to help exceed your expectations.

In choosing IDM Brand Builders as your partner, you are assigned an experienced brand development team synchronized with you goals and objectives. We are partners in your success in everything that we do together.

Our solutions in brand development including:
  • Product Development
  • Product Naming
  • Brand and Style Guides
  • Logo Design (including refresh, evolution or asset re-creation
  • Business Cards
  • Postcards (digital or print)
  • Digital Letterhead
  • Copyright and Trademark Services (Research & Registration Assistance/Referrals)

  • Speaking of referrals, IDM Brand Builders performs all of our servies in-house, however for legal services, we do refer our and make recommendations for your legal services. If we do provide a referral to a third-party we negotiate the best rate for you and we do not allow any compensation from the third party.

    IDM Brand Builders. It's simple, it is is our name and it is in our company's DNA.

    Beyond developing brand, IDM offers a full suite of marketing solutions from press releases, loyalty programs, promotions, and more. IDM is truly a one stop solutions provider for all of your needs.

    When you choose IDM Brand Builders you do not sign long-term contracts not even a retainer. Our philosophy is simple, we choose to earn your business and establish a long-term relationship together. We know that long-term relationships are based on important values such as trust, shared vision, common goals and objectives and passion for your brand, company and products. Our dedicated team of professionals takes this very seriously and this is why we established in 1994 what is now referred to as full transparency. Transparent billing at IDM Brand Builders means actual time is billing with no minimums and it means that you are assigned the right person with the right skill level required for the project. We never overbill and we do not stack on extra services or personnel to projects that do not need it. What you need is what you get when it comes to our billing and level assignment of our staff. We absolutely give you the very best talent we have on staff at all times and we guaranty that you will be pleased with the caliber of the team, people, and/or person(s) assigned to your project. That is our commitment to our clients.

    • Dr. Karen Cohen Private School

      ... IDM Brand Builders contacted me and asked if they could submit a list of ideas on how to improve my brand's relationship with my customers. I was absolutely floored with what they presented and even more shocking was how cost-effective they were. They found bugs in my existing website and fixed them at no charge! Why? Because they care that much about my success. I was floored then and I'm floored now. I could not be more happy than I am now. My business is up and my brand looks stellar, thank you IDM Brand Builders! You rock!!

    • Sue Kay RUFF, a Charitable Organization

      IDM Brand Builders Never Disappoints. I get a list of new products I have to get online quickly as the sooner they are listed and purchased, the sooner the money goes to the charity to help the animals we save. It used to take me days to get it online with my last vendor and there were always errors. Within the first 5-minutes of our first meeting, IDM Brand Builders drew on the whiteboard a piece of software idea that they came up with that would solve all of my problems in a matter of moments and zero margin for error. I still cannot believe how quickly they understood my problems and concerns; came up with a solution and solved it. IDM Brand Builders evolved my brand & I am so happy!!

    • Karen Bowen Big Box Closeout Specialist

      After being let down by so many people that make false promises on how to grow our brand, I was floored by IDM Brand Builders and have never looked back. I cannot express in words just how amazing IDM Brand Builders are. You have to find out for you--I'm confident you too will not be disappointed!

    • Stuart Jackson Recuirter

      I have to be able to sift through all of the resumes I receive for the job postings we do at my company. It takes hours upon hours and we have to compare resume A to resume B and determine if the person is really qualified or if they are just applying to the job at random. IDM Brand Builders developed an AI bot technology that does the work for me now and helps me organize the resumes I receive so I can present to my clients that proper candidates. My clients are happy and that makes me VERY happy! WOW!!

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