Changing Perspectives Since 1995



Visual Perspectives was founded in 1995 by Zack Zeiler and grew from a boutique design agency into a one-of-a-kind, complete full-service agency. As an award-winning, full-service agency and much more we developed and launched some of the most succesful brands in the world. .

This was made possible by assembling the ultimate full-time, on-site talent pool.

Visual Perspectives truly makes the impossible—possible. Our clients includes: Lockheed, CBS, Strawberry Shortcake, Gundam, Mattel, Bandai, American Greetings, Paramount, Disney, MGM, The James Bond Franchise, Verizon Media Properties (AOL, Verizon, Yahoo, and others), 20th Century Fox, R.L. Stine, Sony, Dilbert, Microsoft, Dove, Ford, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, Ryan Seacrest, Dr. Phil, Judge Judy, Newline, Nickelodeon, Jeep, Honda, Warner Bros. and tens of thousands of other fantastic clients and brands.

Visual Perspectives defined what a full-service agency truly is. ALL of our digital and traditional services are performed in-house by our staff of professionals. At Visual Perspectives, we have dedicated consultants for clients that are on-site and on-contract (depending on client requirements). We own and operate our own film studio, broadcast studio, licensed and bonded sweepstakes division, custom products division, fulfillment center, fan club management, and more. With offices throughout the world, we work with clients that can be startups through billion dollar corporations. We work within your timeline, budgets and ALWAYS exceed your expectations.

The brand and ownership of the company has changed throughout the years, however the mantra of the founder, Zack Zeiler has been the driving force since day one and continues to this day.

Collaboration, creativity and passion elevate the caliber of work for our clients. We have been awarded many awards through the years, however the most important award or reward is working with amazing clients and having these amazing members of our team.


Our history is deeply rooted in the modern Internet. We planted the seeds with the "firsts" we created throughout our first 15+ years of operation and since the name, brand and company property is now under new ownership, the past 10 years have been exceptional. Whether it was the first VOD/streaming event online to multiplayer games with vehicle replicas that travelled to autoshows worldwide. Our roots run deep. We are proud of the people that formed these teams and the families & history created.


How did Visual Perspectives make all those incredible campaigns and brands come alive? It was always about finding individuals that wanted to be part something bigger. It was about taking individuals and turning them into members of amazing teams of professionals. Certifications, bootcamps and schools did not prepare the talent for the real world. Visual Perspectives did. If someone was brought on in one division and their passion was to learn or do something else-they were given the opportunity to grow and challenge themselves based on their passion and interests.


At Visual Perspectives it was always about the value we provided to our clients.

We planted the seeds that became the forest today. Making the impossible; possible. When our CEO pitched clients ideas he knew what was possible and how to get it done. That was because he was one of the team.